Life Insurance

California Life Insurance

Times have changed over the last few years for all insurance products, life insurance products included.
Historically, prospective clients would have to meet in person with a life insurance agent in their office or schedule a visit at their home to apply for coverage. It was common for there to be medical testing, aka a paramedic examination, that would need to be scheduled to confirm the health of the applicant, prior to issuing a policy.
Times have changed. At Woodward Insurance Agency, we are able to offer coverage with no medical examination that our customers can buy online with expedited underwriting.

How to Simplify Life Insurance?

We let you do all of the shopping online with express checkout
or you can work with an agent to tailor a policy to meet our needs.
Call for a quote
We have licensed agents standing by ready to help
Get your rates
In just a few minutes you will see how much you save
Sign Online
All policies can be electronically signed
Get Proof of Insurance
Proof of insurance can be emailed immediately

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