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California Auto Insurance

The California auto insurance market has seen some of the most substantial rate increases in its history over the last 12 months.
These rate increases can be a factor for insurance customers who have maintained coverage with the same company over years, and also by customers who have recently shopped for a new policy. Whether you have had your policy with the same insurance carrier for years, or if you’ve recently made a change, you have likely been impacted by these new higher insurance rates.
At Woodward Insurance Agency, we offer access to multiple insurance carriers, and do all of the shopping for you to ensure you get the best rate possible. We work for you, not for any insurance company.

How to Save on Car Insurance?

We independently shop all of your policies
ensuring that you save on your car insurance.
Call for a quote
We have licensed agents standing by ready to help
Get your rates
In just a few minutes you will see how much you save
Sign Online
All policies can be electronically signed
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Car Insurance Factors

Understand what is driving your rates

Value of your Car

When getting comprehensive and collision coverage, the vehicle value is a big contributor to the rates.

Garaging Address

The garaging address impacts rates. Metro areas typically have higher insurance premiums than rural.


Although the state mandates basic limits of liability protection, higher and additional coverage is available.

Car’s Age

Older vehicles cause more damage in accidents and have a higher frequency of being involved in an accident.

Vehicle Use

Vehicles used for business or artisan use have higher premiums than those used for pleasure or commuting.

Claim History

Accidents that have more than $1,000 in property damage or any injury are considered chargeable.

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